September 22, 2021

4 Essential fashion brands for your wardrobe

Fashion brands

We at Claremont Clothing love fashion. Ever since we started this site in 2019, we’ve covered the nicest and upcoming fashion brands which we think deserve a little more attention. Today we’re going to look at 4 upcoming fashion brands that you need to have in your wardrobe.

A Beautiful Story

First, we’re going to start off with some jewelry, to be more specific silver bracelets. In 2005 Cathelijne Lania started her company “A Beautiful Story” in Nepal, Kathmandu. Here Cathelijne led around 20 silversmiths in a small silver factory, which must be noted was fair trade.

A Beautiful Story makes as the name suggest beautiful bracelets and rings. All the jewelry is made of high-quality fair-traded materials and they’re worth every penny.  I myself have been wearing their beautiful Sparkle Labradorite Silver Ring for a few months now and I’m happy with this beautiful and well-crafted ring. If you don’t have anything from them yet I suggest you check them out!

A beautiful story


Secondly, we’re going to look at the brand Maluo. It was founded by two Dutch twins named Kim and Janet Beukeboom they produce handmade shoes for women who are enjoying their lives. Maluo is a fashion brand that defines itself as elegant, stylish and feminine.  Their shoes are unique and translate the identity and appearance of the twins. All their shoes are handmade in by artisans in Spain, Portugal and Italy.

I personally can’t wait for this summer to wear my Ante Sakara Sandals again. The quality of the shoes is high, and you can really see that they’re hand crafted (which isn’t a bad thing!). The only downside for this brand is that since they’re hand crafted, they don’t have a lot of different shoes.


Penn & Ink

Originally from the United stated, Penn & Ink was founded by Marleen J. Penn and Stanley Ink. Their clothes are known to be modern, beautiful and most important known for its high quality. Their collections go all the way from business and casual all the way to sport gear. This means whatever you’re looking for you Penn & Ink probably sells it and most importantly their clothing is comfortable.

A friend of mine recently said she had found the most comfortable sweater in the world, but at first, I didn’t believe her. However, when I met her later that day and felt the cotton of her sweater, I knew I had to have one for myself. I personally own the Sweater Striped Crystal White and it’s the comfiest sweater I own, it’s great for indoors and outdoors!

Penn & ink


At last we’re going to talk about the most important thing in an outfit, which breaks or makes it, the accessories. To be more precise we’re going to be talking about belts and bags! What brand is perfect for this? Liebeskind!

Liebeskind is one of the most popular brands in Berlin. It was founded in 2003 by Daniel Liebeskind. Their bags and belts are often described to be casual, modern and elegant. Every bag is neatly finished and of high quality. All their items also have their own character which makes it even more special.

I personally own a couple of Liebeskind bags, but my favorite must be their Toteme9 bag, which I own in their brown colorway. This bag has been made with high quality cow leather and has a lot of space. I’ve been using it for a couple of months now and I can say that their quality is indeed superb.


This was my article about 4 essential fashion brands for your wardrobe. I hope even though it was a little different that you’ve enjoyed reading this article. Please comment below what you think of these brands and if you’ll ever consider buying them.