September 22, 2021

By Malene Birger history of a wonderful brand

By malene birger

Founded in 2003, “By Malene Birger” is a Danish Fashion company that operates all over the world, despite this they’re mostly focused on Europe. Originally from Denmark “By Malene Birger” was founded by, as the name might suggest, by Malene Birger. Despite its young age the company has already been featured in countless of international fashion shows and magazines. “By Marlene Birger” is a brand that focusses on elegance and style. The fashion brand rapidly became a key producer of Danish fashion clothes and was featured on the “Copenhagen Fashion week 2004” which as the name suggest was held in Copenhagen.

By malene birger

The Designers of By Marlene Birger

Initially Marlene Birger was the Lead designer of “By Marlene Birger”. Soon after graduating from the Danish Design School in 1989, she started as a designer at “Jackpot”. In 1997 she started her first company (together with her good friend and college Keld Mikkelsen) Day Birger et Mikkelsen she worked as creative director until leaving the company in 2002. One year later she founded “By Marlene Birger”. Here she worked full time until 2014, at this year she stepped back as the head of the company but remained active. In 2017 “By Marlene Birger” announced that Mathilde Torp Mader would become the lead designer.

These days Marlene Birger does however still design products for UNICEF, where she is an ambassador. 4 times per year she designs (most often) string bags and t-shirts, which are used to raise funding for UNICEF.

Mathilde Torp Mader

Born in 1979, Copenhagen, Mathilde Torp Mader studied Fashion in London. She did this at the Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design where she finished her master in 2006. Immediately after graduated she started working for Mulberry in London, Sonia Rykiel and Marni in Milan. She worked for all the big names in the fashion industry before joining Marlene Birger in 2017, here she immediately started working as Creative director. At this moment she still lives in East London where she has her own design studio. She does however also work at the “By Marlene Birger” headquarters in Copenhagen.

Scandinavian Design

Ever since Mathilde started at “By Marlene Birger” her goal was to bring in the Scandinavian culture into her designs. This means mixing functionality with aesthetics for all the world to see. Her clothes are often labeled as cheerful while still remaining functionality. The collections released by “By Marlene Birger” are exclusive and work with many lifestyles, eras and are made for every age group. Every year Mathilde releases four collections.

Playful approach

Marlene Birger founded her company with the passive belief that women can and should dress confidently and strong. The brands key is their playful approach with materials and colors which are refined and self-aware. The company has created a wealth of clothes and ensures that every season is a continuation of what was previous created.

Embrace the world

The brand takes travel, art and the busy lives of women as inspiration for their collection. Like mentioned before the also want to reflect their Scandinavian heritage in their collections. Spread over a lot of products; Shoes, Read-To-Wear and bags, they ensured that each item feels purposeful, fashionable and relevant to the lives of the women for whom it is designed. “By Malene Birger” embraces the world with a little bit of playfulness, sophistication and adventurous.