September 22, 2021

The fashion trends for spring / summer 2019

Fashion trend

Are you curious about the latest fashion trend for the spring / summer of 2019? In this blog you can read more about this year’s fashion trends. Accessories, fabrics and colors are also named. So discover what the real eye-catchers are going to be this spring and summer of 2019!

Read more below about the 7 trends that you certainly don’t want to miss.

White tones fashion trend in 2019!

This year we often see the white color come by. White gives a classic look and creates a fresh look. A white item can be worn on any occasion. A white pair of trousers, blouse or shirt cannot be missing in your wardrobe.

Closed, for example, offers many white-colored items. These items vary from very chic to a casual look.

White tones clothing

Natural tones

In addition to the white tones, you also see the use of many natural colors, also known as nude tones. This color also gives you a classic effect with a chic finish. A nice pair of trousers or a blouse in this color can be combined very nicely with a print or colored shirt. Of course you can also match nature with nature and finish with striking accessories or a beautiful cloak.

Natural tones clothing Fashion trends


The jumpsuit is a fashion trend that we see every year. The jumpsuit has come by in many styles.

The item comes back this year in the style of a looser work overall, finished with added buttons and pockets. The jumpsuit does not have much shape this year and is a wide fit. The waist disappears a bit in the jumpsuit. Therefore combine it with a thicker or thinner belt to make your waist come forward. You can combine the jumpsuit with heels, sandals or a cool sneaker.

The Kocca brand also offers wider jumpsuits with a chic style. The jumpsuits are on trend and yet very unique.

Jumpsuits Fashion trends


Do you want to go for a perfect spring / summer outfit? Then a smoothly falling trousers can be very suitable for you. The trousers have a loose fit which ensures a comfortable fit. Trousers can be worn casual but also for a neat occasion. Trousers in a print or in a color, it’s all up to you.

Many brands offer beautiful trousers. Brands such as Closed, Kocca, Penn & Ink have very high-quality pieces among them. And also in multiple colors or prints, which creates a playful look.

pantalons Fashion trends

Neon / striking colors

Not only is neon in this year, we will also see many striking colors. The striking colors are reflected in many items this year. Wearing a bright color is not for everyone, but it is certainly an eye-catcher for the upcoming spring and summer. You can combine a striking shade with a nice basic. But you can also choose to use a lot of color in your look.

Remarkable colours fashion trends


The jeans come back every season. A basic that certainly fits every wardrobe. You can really combine the denim endlessly. The jeans come in all sorts this season. The skinny, straight and flared are certainly items that will remain important in the coming seasons.

Denim fashion trends

Hats & scarves

Hats and scarves is a fashion trend that will return completely in the spring / summer of 2019. Is your outfit not complete but you want something different than a lot of print use in your look or a lot of jewelry. Then choose a stylish hat. A hat is available in basic shades and in many colored shades. It is entirely up to you what you want to make of it. If you don’t like hats, choose a scarf instead. A scarf can be worn in different ways and is available in many natural colors and prints.

The hats from Barts are a very good example of many different hats. Moment by Moment and Becksöndergaard offer very unique scarves. The scarves have a great fabric and give a perfect wearing comfort.